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Not much of a fan of anything but the following:

musik, video game, art, photography, bicycle tour, parkour, computer related topics, minimalist, backpacker, couchsurfing, mathematics und physiks, German culture, writing and literature, poems.

Not really interested in business, medicine, or mainstream things.

-Independent Musician


-PC Gamer

-World Citizen

I come from China, and I study in Canada currently. It's a lot of fun and a lot of good time. I just looked the stuff I did over the years and realized how big a change it was for me in my life living in Canada, Brantford in particular. It kinda sucks due to school that I can't travel much but hey when I graduate, I am going to bike across Canada and check everything out, from town to town, city to city, village to village.

Before I graduate I am going to make sure my first album comes out. It is kinda simple and neat, but really just some basic ideas I throw there. It would be on bandcamp and I am considering making like CD versons of it. But yeah, keep in tune.

Reacher Miao

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